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Corporate Services


What is Corporate Services?

Corporate services cover several segments of a corporate entity’s operations, ranging from administrative functions in human resources, legal services or compliance, communications and finance, to name a few.
Such services can be outsourced for several reasons; one, there may be a lack of workforce; two, lack of resources for an in-house corporate service team; three, the company would wantto minimise administrative workload; four, the entity requires the assistance of professionals. Corporate entities can take advantage of these back-office support solutions to focus on their core business activities.

The need for Corporate Services

A corporate service provider consists of teams of professionals with expertise in specific business functions, ensuring accuracy, timeliness and efficiency of business support activities.
Partnering with a third-party corporate service provider can be a valuable consideration for many organisations. With the already demanding nature of achieving corporate strategies and goals, having the support of professionals specialising in those functions can significantly lift the weight of administrative and compliance matters.
For instance, a corporate service provider can assist in company formation (even in foreign markets). This can be a rigorous process with numerous requirements that may be easily overlooked. These professionals can not only outline these processes in detail but also facilitate the entire process, especially if they are a local in the market.
Moreover, corporate service providers help entities standardise recurring tasks and procedures, resulting in more streamlined operations and reducing error risks as well as time spent in the preparation of periodic requirements.


  1. Consultancy on Company Law matters.
  2. Planning for Mergers, Acquisitions, De-mergers, and Corporate re-organizations.
  3. Filing of annual returns and various forms, documents.
  4. Clause 49 review for compliance with fiscal, corporate and tax laws.
  5. Maintenance of Statutory records.
  6. Change of Name, Objects, Registered Office, etc.
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